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Autism Phenome Project

Autism Phenome Project

The goal of the Autism Phenome Project is to characterize heterogeneity within Autism spectrum disorder. In 2011 I was tasked with a using large imaging and behavioral dataset to begin identifying potential subgroups within autism,


Analytic Tools and Approach

Matlab, R, SPSS
Vistasoft toolbox including Automatic Fiber Quantification (AFQ)
Multivariate general linear models
K-means and hierarchical cluster analyses

Selected Findings

White matter abnormalities were identified with several distinct group profiles. Current results are described in two presentations at scientific conferences and two papers either in press or submitted.

Males and females with ASD were determined to exhibit different patterns of white matter alterations compared to their typically developing same-sex counterparts.  Brain alterations in children with ASD may be different in males and females. 

Fig for DTI.jpg
Predicting ADOS graph.jpg

Models predicting autism severity based on white matter alterations in females with autism exhibited high accuracy and low complexity based upon adjusted R-squared and Akaike information criteria.

A pattern of cortical thickness differences was also identified in males and females with ASD using multivariate analysis

New Fig.jpg