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Amygdala Astrocytes

Hormone Influence in Amygdala Astrocytes

The goal of the project was to investigate how hormones shape the structure of astrocytes within the medial amygdala in three different genetic/hormone groups.   We concluded that hormones greatly shape astrocytes in this brain region and most likely influence the number and type of connections 


 Astrocyte counts and arbor tracings from juvenile, adult and hormone treated rodents including males females and an androgen-insensitive male model (testicular feminization mutation). Astrocyte tracings provided hundreds of data points for each astrocyte with approximately 550 astrocytes traced.

Analytic Tools and Approach

StereoInvestigator and Neurolucida software
SPSS, Sigmaplot
Multivariate general linear models


Selected Findings

Distinct patterns of astrocyte arbor complexity change during development and in response to hormone treatment were seen in the different groups examined. 

Figure 5.jpg

Adult males and female rodents exhibit differing levels of astrocyte numbers and arbor complexity

Figure 7.jpg