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After Silence...II Remastered FREE!


After Silence...II Remastered FREE!

Ryan Johnson

I wasn't satisfied with the mix I sent to the presses for the 2009 Kinase Moves the Audio album "After Silence..II". Mixing, like playing an instrument, is an art and skill that improves with time and practice.  I think these remastered versions are much more clear and easy to listen to.  

"A combination of progressive rock heavily influenced by afro/cuban rhythms.  Horns mix with percussion, guitars and synths while shifting from driving rock to echoing sonic landscapes"

I hope you enjoy the music and share them with others.

Link to ultra high-quality .Wav files (800MB!)
Link to high quality .MP3s

Album artwork by Heather Malinowski

Track Listing
1. Ascetic
2. The Constance of Time
3. Fluid Suspension
4. Injured Chameleon
5. Song Before the Cancer
6. We Mortals
7. Politicase Chain Reaction
8. The Future of Ladders

Svenja Drebes - Djembe and assorted percussion
Rob Carroll - Trumpet
Andrew Cooper - Tenor sax
John Gapp - Lyrics and vocals. Guitar on track 5
Ian Hudson - Assorted percussion
Ryan T Johnson - Bass, keys, guitar, drums and percussion
Jake McCarthy -  Guitar on track 1, rhythm guitar on track 4

Additional vocals by Sarah L. Johnson, Aleeta Johnson, Ian Hudson and Andrew Cooper

Recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Ryan T Johnson